About Me


Sexual abuse. Teenage pregnancy. Alcohol and drug abuse. Mother wounds. Daddy issues. Depression. Fear. Loneliness. Brokenness. Bitterness. Loss.

But God.

Jessica Pontoo is the wife of Philip Pontoo, Sr. and the mother of three boys and one girl.  In 2011, Jessica and her family relocated from Detroit, MI as she began her career as a secondary English teacher in rural Arkansas. Having been given the vision to impact the lives of young girls, that dreamed was realized in 2012, after she and her best friend and colleague, Jaclyn Dean, experienced the tragic and sudden loss of a student to suicide.

Together, they founded The Princess Project, a mentorship program that equips young girls with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices and build quality relationships. Since then, two tiers have been added to the program: “Ladies in Waiting” and “Queen in Me”, which Jessica has used to mentor dozens of girls from 7th grade through college and disciple them in three core areas: Identity, Intimacy, and Integrity, which she believes to be the bedrock of Godly womanhood.


In 2013, Jessica accepted her call into the ministry. She received her ministerial license in 2015 and was ordained by her pastor, Apostle Keith Ross, in 2017.

In February 2018, Jessica will publish her first book, “Seeking, Striving, and Surviving: Successfully Navigating Your Season of Singleness” which she hopes to use to help women complete their journey from brokenness to healing.

As an ordained minister, mentor, and high school counselor, Jessica feels called to serve young women and girls and help them find healing and truth. Ultimately, it is her vision to see women in passionate pursuit of their God-given purposes unabashedly and unapologetically.

“Finding My Way Whole Again” is more than a blog. It is an opportunity for Jessica to share all that she has learned on her journey to wholeness with you. In addition to “Writings from the Well” which contains Jessica’s personal musings on everything from relationships to injustice to parenting to faith, she has also included a “My Publications” page which includes some of her professional writing as well as the promotion for her first book, a dream 10 years in the making. On her “Book Recommendations” page, you can find many of the texts that she and millions have used to find their way back whole again.

As you find healing and discover the purpose behind your pain, don’t forget to share. We are on this journey together.